Peter Loverdos Business Coach

Peter Loverdos

Director & Coach

Peter Loverdos Business Coach

An accomplished business leader ‘who’s walked the walk’.

Peter has over 25 years’ experience of building and working with fast growing, high performing businesses, He is a certified professional business coach  specialising in helping entrepreneurs build better businesses.  He works closely with his clients to help move them and their companies forwards and to ensure they are prepared for the opportunities and challenges presented by rapid growth and change.

Peter’s experience ranges from running and selling start-ups, completing a series of management buy-outs and as Company Director and Chief Operating Officer on numerous Boards.

As a business coach, this is his point of differentiation – he has walked the walk!

I ensure I am coached, all the time, In fact I’ve been coached for 15 years and currently have 2 coaches – a performance and accountability coach and a mindset coach.

I now work with business owners of local SMEs to help them build better businesses and navigate periods of rapid growth. I also help owners with business acquisitions, mergers and how to develop and execute exit plans so they can reap the rewards of their entrepreneurial endeavors.

I live in Wokingham and spend my time with my family, travelling, golfing and reading a lot!

You can connect with Peter on LinkedIn here  and follow him on Twitter here




Rob Pickering

Director & Coach

During 20+ years in business the constant for Rob was always his love of training and inspiring people to develop their skills. Not content with skills in one area of business, Rob worked tirelessly at developing his knowledge across all areas. Of course knowing something and being able to teach it are two very different things. Rob has the patience and the focus to do whatever it takes to get the enthusiasm and knowledge across.

As an experienced Business Coach, Rob is committed to helping Business Owners achieve greater success. His expertise span sales, marketing, strategic planning, training, recruiting, team management and much more

Most often Rob works with businesses that are already successful and profitable. Perhaps you’re doing OK but wondering what the next step should be? How to get to the next level of growth, the next level of profit, or even wondering about exit options. As your coach, Rob will start by finding out what’s really important to you. This can be harder to put into words than you’d imagine, but achieving it is liberating. The clarity of knowing where you’re going makes it easy to work out what your options are.

You can connect with Rob on Linked In here or follow on him on Twitter @robpickeringUK.

James Vincent

Team's Performance Coach

A highly experienced, highly professional, results orientated coach

James has 20+ years coaching experience, which includes…

• Olympic level and world class athletes
• High performance coaches and business coaches
• SME Business owners
• PLC, executive and team performance coaching
James uses his coaching expertise to ensure the various programmes are expertly prepared and delivered for our clients, and that our coaches are always performing to their best.


James spends his time with his family, staying fit and travelling.