Our business is helping other businesses. We deliver results orientated business coaching for small and medium sized businesses. Our coaches are all certified and have significant business experience of their own.

“Coaching is about unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance” – Sir John Whitmore

So ask yourself, “AM I READY?”

Because not everyone is – performance coaching only works if YOU want to succeed and are ready to be coached.

When you work with SmartBox Leadership you will benefit from…

  • Access to insights, information and expertise from highly experienced, accredited coaches.  All our coaches have founded, built up and sold their own businesses:
  • Clarity and extreme focus on what is important, and what will make the difference;
  • An understanding of how to build your business to deliver on your personal goals and dreams;
  • An improvement in your business and personal financials;
  • Encouragement, accountability and confidence to take your business to the next level;
  • Significant improvements in your Leadership skills and a team inspired to outperform your expectations;
  • World class marketing techniques that will make you different and better than your competitors;
  • Satisfaction, happiness and reward.

Peter Loverdos, the founder & MD of Smartbox Leadership, is an accomplished & respected business coach with over 27 years’ business experience. He’s been working with business owners & CEOs for over 15 years to help them grow their businesses into more profitable assets that work for them.

Why’s Peter different? Because he’s walked the walk. He’s started, built & sold three of his own businesses, completed two management buyouts backed by private equity & been on the Board of multi-million Pound companies, including building the largest privately-owned property company in the UK in his role as Chief Operating Officer.
Peter is now committed to helping local SME owners build better businesses by making World Class coaching available directly to them. The perception is that this kind of coaching is only available for the BIG businesses. Well, Peter’s dispelling that myth.
Every business person does the best they can with the resources they have.  But how do you fulfill your ambition for growth when your business is so dependent on you? That’s where coaching can assist – it brings a fresh set of eyes and shows you the alternative options – ones you may have not considered yourself.
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How many SME business owners are aware of this statistic?

Of 100 SMEs started today, only 5 will be around in 10 years’ time. And that becomes even more significant given SMEs account for 95% of all private sector businesses and employ 60% of the private sector workforce. We can’t afford to lose them.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to limit unnecessary risks in your business?

What’s Coaching all about?

Well. The best people to hear it from are Bill Gates and Eric Schmitd. As two of the most powerful men in tech, and heading up the fastest growing companies in the world they should know….

You can also find out more here Debunking the coaching myths

Get the life and business you want. Take 10 minutes to find out how.

Book a 10 minute call with Peter. The call is designed to check two things:
Is there a fit between us and am I the person to help you achieve the kind of life and business that you want?

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