Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

I’ve been offering complimentary, highly intensive 30-minute coaching sessions (book your free session here) to business owners over the last few weeks to help them navigate through this unprecedented time.

The topic of fear has been prevalent.

So many of those I spoke to want to grow, want to do something different and want to change, but are fearful of the consequences.

  • What happens if I recruit another person on and they don’t do the job as well as me?
  • I want to invest in new strategies and tactics but what if they don’t work?
  • I’m fearful that I’ll lose that client who has been getting my products too cheap if I increase my prices?

In the absence of certainty our brains will often default to the worst possible outcome, magnify it to make it seem even more terrible, and add a false sense of certainty to it.

FEAR stands for False Expectations Appearing Real.

I clearly remember my mind creating these false expectations before I went sky-diving for the first time.  Even though I knew that the instances of the worst possible outcome (ie. death) were very slim, they become absolutely certain for me. Mine would be the parachute that failed to open and the landing that goes horribly wrong. Needless to say none of that happened. In fact the exhilaration and freedom of being alone under canopy was definitely on the other side of fear.

So how do we tackle fear?

Firstly by realising it is a learned behaviour. We weren’t born with these fears, we allow them to infiltrate our minds and manipulate our thinking.

I want to offer you one technique – that of adopting the law of reversability.

This law states that you will act in a way that accords with how you feel about something. For example if you fear skydiving you will ensure you are never in a position where you might have to sky dive!

However, the law states that this can be reversed – if you constantly act in a manner that is different to how you feel, your feelings will change.

So, the bravery needed to overcome fear actually comes from the discipline of tackling the fear head on.

Fearful of public speaking? Find a way to do some form of public speaking daily.

Nervous of investing in something? Well, do your homework, invest and get yourself involved.

Worried about employing someone not as good as you? News flash – people out there are better than you, keen to work for you, and waiting to be found – just go and have the discipline to look for them.

What are you putting off through fear that you could tackle head on now?